Talisman for Africa - Yesterday (1988)

Ilala palm, acrylic, canvas, polypropylene, polyethylene, wood, bone, feathers, perspex, found objects
123cm x 81cm x 65cm


Artist's Statement

In 1988 I began a series of works with the theme of the "talisman". The talisman is a magical, protective charm worn or carried to avert evil from or bring good luck to its holder. I made a series of works which I saw as a triptych called "Talisman for Africa": "Yesterday", "Today" and "Tomorrow".

These works for me existed at two levels: The lower level being the political state of South Africa in "Yesterday", "Today" and "Tomorrow". The upper level represents the input of lucky charms to arrest evil and bring good luck.

This work speaks of a peaceful, pre-colonial landscape where the original San inhabitants might roam, although on the horizon are threatening undertones as the symbolic Africa's get darker and darker.